Shandong shengrun automobile co., LTD. Liquefied gas transport semi-trailer

I. product introduction

1. Product name: liquefied gas transport semi-trailer.

2. Product model: SKW9400GYQ

3. Transportation medium: propylene.

4. Effective volume: 57.5m cubed and 56.6m cubed.

5. Overall quality: 15700kg, 15662kg.

II. Product features:

1. More lightweight design: the main parts of the walking mechanism are designed with aluminum alloy, which is lighter in weight and has higher bearing rate, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency and reduces the transportation cost.

2. The main pressure components are fully automatic welding technology, and the welding rate of welding seam is more than 99%.

3. The valve instrument is of well-known brand, reliable and durable, and guaranteed quality.

4. Full-automatic and full-automatic anti-rust spraying process, the product appearance is more beautiful, and the anti-corrosion life is longer.


Post time: Jun-27-2018

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