Carbon Steel Ethanol Chemical Tanker Trailer

  • Size(mm): 13000*2500*3900
  • Wheelbase: 1840
  • Material: Steel
  • Loading Port: Tianjin/Qingdao
  • MOQ: 1
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    All various fuel products can be carried with 3 axle fuel tanker semi-trailer. Petroleum, Diesel, Fuel, oil, JET A1 and many other types of fuel products transportation suitable with three axle tanker semi-trailer.

    The Fuel tanker trailer is designed for the stable and secure transportation of fuels and other liquid. Common tanker model includes 36CBM, 42CBM, 52CBM, 60CBM, etc. The tanker body adopts 6mm thick steel plate with 3~5 compartment according to customers requirement. Steel, stainless steel or aluminum are all available based on customers’ needs. The self bearing tank is of maximum shape with lowest center gravity. The drainage has two options: gravity drainage and pump drainage. Other components include: ladders, foldable handrail, manhole, valves, etc, which can all be customized or recommended by us. All tankers will be inspected of leakage before shipment, calibration chart will also be provided.

    Fuel tanker Trailer Features

    • Various tanker capacity
    • Gravity drainage and pump drainage
    • Oval tanker body made from high tension steel plate
    • Main components purchased from famous brand

    Fuel Tanker Trailer Featuring diagram

    diagram of fuel tanker trailer


    GEOMETRIC CAPACITY 50.000 LT (+ % 4 air space)
    EMPTY WEIGHT 10.000 KG ± % 5
    CARRIER MATERIAL UN 1202 – UN 1203 + JETA1
    FULL ADR EQUIPMENT According to ADR Norms Class 3 (TUV NORD)
    FIFTH WHEEL HEIGH 1350 mm / 6X4 truck
    AXLE 3 units X 12 TON capacity drum brake axle (local brands)
    WELDING According to (EN-9606; 2,3,4)
    PAINTING The body inside epoxy primer (thickness 150 Micron)
    TYPE Top Loading & Bottom Unloading


    CHASSIS “T” section bottom chassis, bottom and up sheet bar 140x14mm, middle steel 6 mm made by carbon steel welded connection chassis and body the rear side tow hook
    BODY Elliptical section S355 JA carbon steel min 4mm thickness (according to ADR) below center of gravity new elliptical type body
    DISHEAD (Front & Rear Inside) Carbon steel S355 JA carbon steel 5mm thickness
    BAFFLE Carbon steel S355 JA carbon steel 4mm thickness
    WELDING PROCESS WPS – WQR certificated welder personnel the body and baffle according to ISO 3834 welding process suitable welding with automation laser eyes machine all welding control by third party
    THIRD PARTY TUV NORD / American Inspection Control Certificated according to technical specifications in stipulated the contract
    TOP FLOOR Carbon steel top floor 3mm thickness drainage line (1.5″ ø – 2 units) full top pool design enclosed manhole cover walking platform (balustrade 2 units (1 unit pneumatic, 1 unit mechanical) bottom loading equipment roll over bars sufficient number


    MANHOL COVER 500mm ø 250 mm ø filling hole air breathless ventile (0.28 bar) CONNECTION to body with neck ring with welding connection aluminium casting Viton seal connecting to neck ring with bolted sensor and steam valves (INC) according to the ADR norms 6 units steam valves 1 unit reverse steam valve 6 units overfilling sensor 1 unit socket 1 unit in-cabinet adapter
    LEVEL STICK On manhole cover Manuel operated with lock calibrated (customer request)
    BOTTOM VALVE In installation box 4″ ø pneumatic operated with sight glass high flow rate aluminium casting
    CONTROL BUTTONS Each bottom valve control buttons pneumatic (air) operated start – stop button emergency shut off button
    API VALVE In installation box 4″ ø 1 unit groundling roller 1 unit reducer (4×3) manual operated with by hand discharge and filling valve with cover
    FITTNGS Viton seal for equipment connection air cables & quick connection jack bolt & nut pipeline: 4″ carbon steel pipes for each compartment connection to discharge valves patent elbow carbon steel welding to pipe for turn to box
    LOADING SYSTEM Top loading through from manhole cover (250mm filler hole) bottom loading suitable with full ADR equipment
    DISCHARGE SYSTEM Bottom unloading through from 4″ ball valve single line free discharge collector pipe install to single point outlet speedily discharge
    COLLECTOR SYSTEM 4″ ø, steel collector pipe outlet: 2 units both of 3″ with ball valve


    RUNING GEAR Suspension air suspension set on axle, 813 air below
    Axle 3 units x 12 ton capacity drum brake axle (German brand) 1350 x 2040mm truck width (for safety drive)
    Axle lifting first axle lift with air below manual operated only cable head arrangement
    BRAKE SYSTEM According to EEC standards double hoses front axle service brake, rear axle emergency brake automatic brake adjusters EBS – (Electronic Brake System) RSP (Roll stability program) (WABCO)


    KING PIN According to SAE-DIN 2″ with bolt (JOST)
    LANDING LEG Double speed dynamic load 24 ton high capacity telescopic (BPW)
    ELECTRIC SYSTEM EEC norms 2×7 pin 24 V light system 7 position E certificated rear stop lamp side lights plate lamps ADR light system
    MUD GUARDS On the tires full metal type
    REAR BUMPER E certificated pipe type rear bumper
    TIRES ø 385 / 65 R / 22,5
    BRAND Bridgestone – Pirelli (status of stock)
    QTY 6 + 1
    RIMS ø 11,75
    QTY 6+1


    PAINT PROCESS Body superstructure is cleaned with the chemical liquid and after one coat epoxy primer, oven paint and final acrylic paint 9001 RAL code
    Chassis according to customer request paint black color
    The body inside epoxy primer (thickness 150 – 200 Micron)
    ACCESSORIES Installation box 1X Mobs set 1X
    Tire carrier manual type 1X Side protector 1 set
    Wheel chock 2X Load indicator 1X
    Fiber water tank 1X Tool box 1X
    Warning labels & plate left and right 1set Lamp in box 1X
    Fire extinguisher (6kg) ABC type 2X Discharge hose 3″ 5 meter 2x hose end; male -female
    200lt capacity storage fuel oil tank at the rear side 1X Earthing point 4X
    Ground cable 15 meter 1X

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